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YouTube Search Engine Optimization (Learn Video SEO Basics) | Ep 9: YouTube Masterclass

YouTube Search Engine Optimization (Learn Video SEO Basics) | Ep 9: YouTube Masterclass

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This video is an introduction to Video Search Optimization (SEO) and how it works on YouTube. A big part of video creators finding success on YouTube is marketing. People can’t fall in love with your videos if they never get a chance to watch them, and they’ll only get a chance to watch them if they rise in search results or social feeds.

Search Engine Optimization is when you tailor the titles, tags and descriptions of your videos to appeal to YouTube’s search engine. Good SEO will boost your videos in viewers’ search results.

Phil Ebiner is an expert in YouTube strategies, video SEO (search engine optimization), and video promo. We’ve partnered with Phil to bring you ‘The Marketing Series’, which you can find over in the Video Tutorials section of These free classes will teach you how to grow your channel by reaching more viewers, keeping your viewers engaged, and turning viewers into subscribers.

Learn how to start a YouTube channel, how to grow a YouTube channel, get a video SEO boost and how to rank videos with SEO, get more YouTube subs, earn money with YouTube, and tips to get more views on YouTube! Whether you’re a PRO or YouTube Beginner, our host Phil from Video School Online will teach you video growth tactics to build a massive audience, create engaging content, reach your next YouTube milestone, and ultimately become a YouTube success story.

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  1. Google search: WUMO SEO. Its the most popular Search engine optimization company in the field. They will either rank your blog or offer cashback. I support this company.

  2. Filmora I whas searching for the video you uploaded yesterday but its gone now? 🙁 and still I can't update my filmora to 8.1 , it keep saying I have the latest version…

  3. Hi Filmora. I do youtube for 2 months with games similar to My question is: Can you pin this or help me so that the players could reach my content? And the second. In the next updates can you add the overlay reducer on a video?

  4. Can you please do a video on how to move pictures in the video….i​ mean Like​ the way snapchat filters move. Please_/_

  5. First of all this is not a scam or anything related to scam (don't judge a book by its cover, I am a You-Tuber who likes to make Scam Prank videos to teach a lesson to the scammers, I said all this because of my Display logo, sometime It can be misleading).

    Now to get back the point I was trying to make, I tried using Filmora to record a Prank call today using the screen capture tool and I realise that there isn't a option to record system sound (sound that comes from computer such as skype call from the other end).

    If there is a tool or a system which can help me record the system sound I would really appreciate it and if it isn't there, well I know you guys will come up with that in future. Still let me know, Thanks In advance.

  6. Sorry to do this I really love your software and all but I'm gonna switch over to panzoid because it's free there's no watermarks and it can do everything Filmora can do that I've seen so far I might come back to filmora if you can make it free with no watermarks and make money by ads on the sides like panzoid it's just I don't really have that much money to spend on software sorry

  7. hola quiero pedir una peticion que agreguen mas movimientos de videos como temblores pequeños y fuertes tambien mas filtros de flash

  8. Not to be rude but why do u have a watermark if you could just bits ads on he side while people use it then more people would use your software because most people don't have $60 to spend on editing

  9. Oh, nice idea to actually look at other peoples videos. I search the title, but never actually hit enter and look!

  10. Hi Filmora Finally I just purchased the Blockbuster Packs 🙂
    Filmora for your next update will we see the SAM KOLDER Transition?
    My PC cant handle the Adobe Premiere Pro 🙁 Thank you for listening Us Filmora <3

  11. Thanks for marketing series which helped me a lot and now one of my video reached over 8,000 views and now is ranking 1st when u search for "5 gold cards" can you please watch that video and give me some suggestions.

  12. I've noticed my own videos coming up in the suggested videos section which isn't much help. Is this normal?

  13. This is also a relevant video … 👏
    Hey #fil when'll u add OPACITY for pip and images..
    It is missing in filmora update fast we R ready 2 update again as like before.
    #Please notify us bout filmora 8.5 or 9.0.
    Luv_U_Team ❤️

  14. Filmora made it possible to launch our own channel and gave me the confidence and skills I needed edit and start our family vlog. I'm still learning but we couldn't have done it without Filmora! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Hey Wondershare Family, I don't know if you guys are going to cover this in the Masterclass but I'm trying to get into YouTube and my plan was to start off with filmora as an editor; can you pretty please inform me on where to find the SFX and sound clips that all these other popular Youtubers like Vanoss and Xperttheif are using? I really fell like it will help me produce great content when I start pushing videos. Thanks!

  16. On your editor u said you do giveaways how do I enter in a giveaway to try to get the software for free because I love it but I'm broke

  17. make sure you tag where the video takes place this is always a better way for your county to grow or other thing my town is very little

  18. Can you download a polish version!!!! My friend wants it and he cant get is because she's not english, so please give me link if you can download polish version 😀

  19. I never thought about looking at other titles from other videos before ! Great tip Im gonna go and study titles

  20. I Need Those Other Videos Now! LOL I'm Putting Everything I Have Into Making My YouTube Channel As Exposed As It Can Be And I Love Your Video Series! I Was Layed Off After 15 Years And Now I Want To Do Youtube With My Daughter And Create A Family Business. We Use Filmora Exclusively For ALL Of Our Videos 🙂 BTW What Happened To The Free Elemental Effects Pack? I Really Liked It And Wanted To Use It In Up Coming Videos 🙂

  21. Hey Filmora. Can you please shout me out? I work for hours on my videos and they still haven't gotten anywhere. I just need a boost to get my first 1k subscribers and start my film making career.

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