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Will multiple internal links with the same anchor text hurt a site’s ranking?

Will multiple internal links with the same anchor text hurt a site's ranking?

Do internal website links with exact match keyword anchor text hurt a website? These links help our users navigate our website properly. Are too many internal links with the same anchor text likely to result in a ranking downgrade because of Penguin?
Rob, Los Angeles, CA

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  1. Can Anybody Suggest me about this too? Will multiple external links with the same anchor text hurt a site's ranking?

  2. So if the copy and links makes sense to read and there's not an overkill of links, then its ok

  3. It is so hard as a web designer/developer owning a 2 person business to keep up with all of the demand Google puts on us that we have to then put into the work we do.

  4. Just keep things a little bit random, and concentrate on other things than internal link anchor text. There are bigger fish to fry! 🙂

  5. The questions have to be asked and answered, but until AI is developed to the point that an algorithm can really gauge relevance (tough) and quality (oh, dear heavens, how could that really happen?) the tactics Google uses to fight spam will continue to be ridiculous, and to frequently affect relevant sites negatively. It turns out that DMOZ had the right idea. 😉

  6. It seems like we all have only to rely on a good luck to make the right things but without knowing exactly what we have to do….

  7. its ok to mix it up a little but again you don't want to hurt the relevancy of the anchors of your internal link structure.

  8. Yes so google can keep all information you use at a static place and may use everywhere, but on youtube is possible two absolute seperatet domains coorparete and are on third way administrated on their two google accounts … but will link to source of first uploded video … this acessive is a good objective value for statistics …

  9. I disagree with Owen as well. These Question and Answer sessions are vital to the webmaster community( notice I didn't say SEO companies ). We all need as a community to learn in detail on how to properly design a website so it gets the results the site is intended for.

  10. I disagree Owen. Small business owners (who cannot spend time on following the latest seo news) are paranoid about these furry animals and they DO need such reassurance in my view.
    As such, these videos are good value.

  11. It feels like these videos all say the same thing:

    Q. Will I be penalized for doing this?

    A. Typically no. Unless you really overdo it. You should be fine if you focus on good content rather than good rankings.

  12. I have to agree with Owen. Now you need a Webmaster Degree to understand Google algorithms and still we are guessing what exactly you want. Folks have made a fortune selling Google snake oil to their customers via "i don't know what Google wants, Do You?". And yet we still suffer. …correct me if i'm wrong because i hope i am.

  13. Yes we're paranoid for serious reasons: not knowing how that damn godly thing works exactly. So, yes the question was very useful and it helps a lot to get anxiety away with such reply. Thanks for it.

  14. Well Straight answer by matt. Just do things right way and you will not hurt by any Google algorithm update.
    Short cuts always lead to in a problems. So just work ethical and you will be safe from everything.

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  15. Things are changing though, thankfully! It's not perfect but slamming a site with a ton of rubbish links no longer works in the way it used to. I think that authorship is going to make a huge difference to rankings. It's a great way to pick out the legitimate sites and while there will always be ways that people will trick the system, it seems to be a big step in the right direction with the ranking algos!

  16. Exactly! There are obviously ways to get your content out there and encourage people to link in to your site but the big thing here is just creating content that is clearly going to be useful to the end user.

  17. Usually just creating quality content and ensuring that it's written and laid out in a way that is useful for the end user will avoid the possibility of incurring some sort of penalty from Google. Huge ecommerce sites and the like may have to be a little more careful not to have mass amounts of duplicate content but I really don't see it being a big issue for the majority businesses/sites.

  18. Hello Matt,
    I have a question. If the web page has a lot of(more than 4-5) exact match keyword anchor text and all are targeting to the same page. Then the ranking will not drop(according to you), but the keywords stuffing is more there. So, this will slap the website and then the ranking of the website will drop or not??

  19. And really, it helps create the problem to begin with. A lot of Mom and Pops put up a website, then they hear about this SEO junk and all these Google rules, and next thing you know, that small business with a decent homepage is now answering spam emails from ´SEO gurus´ who promise the world thinking they need it.

  20. How about just writing good, valuable content and not worrying where you rank in Google?

    If the content is good enough, you'll get natural links back to the content.

    If your content stinks, then you don't deserve to rank in the first place.

  21. Hey Rob, why did you ask such a stupid question? Do you have no common sense?
    ahhh forget it you don't exist anyway.

  22. Actually Matt, as a web site owner, I am glad you addressed this fear.
    I have seen many so called experts on other sites suggesting that such internal navigation links will hurt you big time and you have to go through and change them.

    I never did that because my links all make sense and help with the user experience. And with 25,000 web pages, changing these links would be a lot of work.
    So please continue to clear up these irrational fears which cause us to waste a lot of time.

  23. I believe Matt had previously discussed sites that had dozens of links to city names (I believe was his example), that could be an issue.

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