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When are penalties lifted?

When are penalties lifted?

Hi Matt. Is there a thing like a permanent Google penalty for sites, or if the necessary fixes were made according to Google guidelines the penalties are lifted in all cases? valterchaves, flamengo

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  1. Very informative. This helps make it clear on why the penalized process take place and what happen after that.

  2. My website has been unfairly penalized and I have no idea why. It does not use keyword stuffing or cloaking. There is no spyware. I've checked in webmaster tools and there is nothing. Google is not being fair.

  3. Thanks Matt for the great explanation. I particularly like the hand gestures to help visually explain things. All kidding aside, great info and I will make sure my clients understand how Google SEO penalties are lifted.

  4. Hi Matt

    We still have a penalty after over 12 months now, I have changed around 50% of the site pages and conversion rate is around 6%, bounce rate reduced to around 53%. Still the site has dropped from 1200 visits to 70 last weekend… We have a good quality site as customers rate us 99% via independent reviews and conversion rate is around 6%… any ideas?

  5. Fixing these penalties can be such a hassle. Not only does it cost you money and resources butit prevents you from doing building on your SEO because you're havign to back track where the errors are coming from. That said, we'd all be better off focusing on quality and user experience to avoid these penalities from happening.

  6. As far as I concerned, google is fairly enough viewing the website.
    As long as you follow the guidelines, then you should no having troubles.

  7. Oh the penalty will become evident to the create chat an instigator depending on motive and level of sophistication.
    Remember cloaking by design is generated for the purpose/s of invisibility. I am on short food label that type of undesirable deceit to be classed as cloaking when it is more like a camouflage.

  8. Cloaking can be and is a super advanced method of movement and its reaction. If text is the only class of cloak then parameter search and destroy protection bots for tagging for retrieval, monitoring and gathering all lifespan interactions attached to build counter-combative/communicative swarms of cloaking detection megabots. Intuitive profiling for command dissemination.

  9. The danger of this approach that Google takes is that the investment into sites is arguably going to be weaker if the penalty risks are higher. If penalties aren't transparent, you'd never know if a competitor simply slipped your site into a Sape-like network. Here's to the "semantic web" we've all been waiting for!

  10. As soon as my PR in like a month went down from 3 to 1 I started receiving emails from adwords team about coupons and individual help to restart the adwords. Did I mention that the PR started to go down sharply right after I started to work on adwords, put their coupons but never started the compeign?

  11. Screw Google guidelines! You could spend 24 hours a day trying to follow all of Google's rules, SEO and the rest of the crap they say are the rules! Your website is not going to get any real traction unless you PAY! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS BUNCH OF CRAP, IT IS A TIME SUCK!

  12. If you change your site's domain and do a 301 redirect from an old site that does have a penalty, does that old site pass the penalty? The reason to ask, your old site may been penalized, BUT still has quality traffic or brand mentions with other advertising that you will still want to capture that traffic. However, it'd suck if the manual penalty gets pasted onto the new domain.

  13. Google search deliver no better than Yahoo in my experience. I ranked in Google for my personal site and suddenly fell off. No explanation, no logic. Other sites rank which have bad quality (so much for quality). Google is starting to become very "freindly" to large businesses that can employ sphisticated SEO techniques.

  14. Who cares about penalties. I want my check re issued and when I use my publisher ID I get a 'publisher ID not recognized'. Well Youtube issued the # and Youtube says it's incorrect. So do me a favor, have a human being look into this. The Publisher ID # in question is 0087853716277882. It's been nearly three months and I REALLY NEED THE MONEY.

  15. Matt, how about telling us how to deal with "Negative SEO" attacks which so far Google proved to be unable to deal with that and harmed webmasters are ruined and they can only rely on their competitors mercy.

  16. Why GOOGLE isn't doing it's job – Google claimed my site had affiliates to online gambling and they penalized it. Here's the problem..we are a graphic design studio and we had example images of the 3d graphics done for Top Slots, a valueware slots PC game, and they thought it was for online gambling. They didn't take the extra 2 seconds to actually look at what it was. 99.9% of visitors would never think it was for some online gambling thing.
    We are a graphic design company.

  17. sure they gotta tell you, at least, why your site is penalized ,
    as you get an evil, bad minded rival, he gets whatever opportunity to get your site penalized, and you might spend more than 2 month on reconsideration requests until they'll drop it off, never knowing the reason of it

  18. The BIG problem with this system is when the webmaster has NO idea why their site is being penalised (Same goes for Adwords), and a request for details as to what EXACTLY is the problem with the site (So they can mend it) always results in Google Support repeatedly sending the same link to the Google guidelines page, and the poor webmaster is still none the wiser. Being banned for life with no idea what you're doing wrong is NOT a great user experience.

  19. The answer straight from the Google apologist himself, of course, keep that in mind when you consider the accuracy of the response…even if it is "Official"

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