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What Does Google Update do for Rich Snippets and SEO?

What Does Google Update do for Rich Snippets and SEO?


Hello SEO Shay Here!

In this weeks Vlog we are answering the the question:
What does google update do for rich snippets and seo?

Lets dive in quickly and deconstruct the update.

So what does snippet mean? A snippet is also knowns as “rich snippet” , its a brief and quotable passage of information, provided in the search engine results that come up for each website. It’s as Simple as that!

Now Moving on to the update, google has done an update on meta description and snippet character length limit. This is a major change for not only Google but also SEOs.

These updates apply for both mobile and desktop.

These snippets are obtained from the meta description tag of a web page. Therefore, the snippets’ length has an impact on the meta description. The meta description is the number of times snippets are written.

Google said it had officially increased the recommended display length as well as the snippet length of the text that will appear on any standard organic results.

When doing a search query on “Keyword Prominence” , which is an article written by that talks about the significance of Keywords and Keyword Science. You can clearly see that the new update for longer snippet is visible versus the snippet that is shorter before the update.

If it was before mid-December, you could be seeing the out-of-date 165-character limit on most of these search results. However, now the snippets go from 230-320 characters.

This is because Google realized that it was important to show it to the end instead of showing the ellipsis. If it were to be the 165 characters, it could be cut off somewhere right there. Hence, the new length offers the best display.

This new update helps the new searcher that is looking for a basic understanding of something in your field to find out what the search queries is about before clicking on the website.

What Has Changed for Meta Description?

The change that has happened here is that of Google updating two things; the length of the snippet and its guidelines. This can have a lot of impact on SEO as well.

There are three things you should know on how these changes will affect SEO.

A. How Digital Marketers Write and Optimize Meta Descriptions.

We will write a bit differently because there is space now. We will have to entice people to click while we stay very conscientious in trying to answer most of this in the search results. This is because even if we seem to be sacrificing our clicks by allowing the searcher get answers they need from the search results, Google is likely to rank us highly if we do this to our search results.

B. Effects on Click-Through Rate.

We’ll be checking Jumpshot data for the next few months or years. We believe they will do this in two ways: Negatively, this means that there will be fewer clicks on any less complex query. However, it will possibly get more clicks in more complex queries because most people are enticed by lengthy descriptions. This is what you would want to do as an marketing strategy.

C. Lower Click-Through Rate for Further Down Search Results.

The new update takes up more space, hence changing the landscaping of the results to go even further down. Probably the ones that are high up will draw more clicks while those further down on the first-page being of less value than before.

Here are some steps SEO’s should take

One, make a priority list of your important landing pages by the search traffic-the one receiving most search traffic on your site.

Secondly, you will reoptimize the page’s meta descriptions for more lengthy limits. This reoptimization will get you ahead of the game and possibly give you higher rankings on the search engines

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