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What are some misconceptions in the SEO industry?

What are some misconceptions in the SEO industry?

Hi, Matt. Which aspect of Google updates you think the SEO industry simply won’t get? Where do you see many SEOs spending too much energy on when they could be taking care of other things?
Computerklaus, São Paulo, Brazil

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  1. Some website are designed for good user experience with Jquery .load. This penalise the SEO while it gives a very good Ux
    Google lies

  2. Still despite of Google's penguin update, many seo companies still doing same thing that they were doing in past. And its true that those tactics still works for some people.

  3. Its true that google improved a lot in their search results because in the past we remember that if I was searching for a web designer, I got results of sites selling landing pages and affiliate websites.

    And yes, Google always says that Create Good Websites, not links.

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  5. I have a question: Matt, how come you see all these knobs in the air you are always turning with your hand? But I can't. Is there something wrong with my eyes?

  6. I have a great user experience website, no links, no content and no traffic what am I doing wrong?

  7. Thanks Matt, the video talks about common sense optimization which are more user friends, I beleive if the site is user friendly we cover most of our bases in SEO.

  8. I got it! soon we'll need to update site design / UI every 3 months, then every 1 month – in order to engage visitors. More usability fun – more Top10 SERP's!

  9. because their organic search result is so good after update that people don't need to click google's ads – the part of the screen that makes google money.

  10. In many ways you are right djdaniel; I tried out a few searches after the Penguin update and still found top spots going to websites which I think are unsavory, tho' legit. You can report spam sites to spam guy Matt Cutts from this video using the Penguin Spam Report.

  11. I hear what you are saying about "Entertainment" (better known as user experience) but I would disagree about the shiny Cadillac.. wikipidia is still doing well.. nothing shiny about that site at all.. 🙂

  12. The revenue misconception actually makes sense: they cracked down on a lot of adsense-heavy sites, which would have decreased their revenue.

  13. There's one thing I don't understand…how can a decrease in revenue be directly attributed to an algorithm update?

  14. I have been working on focusing on the UX (user experience) of clients websites and can say that it has been working for traffic, ROI and rankings. Google seems to be rewarding "good SEO" unlike before when black hat ruled. Keep up the good ALGO updates Matt!

  15. I believe he is only pointing out that one thing you could focus on more to get better positioning (then say only focus on link building) is the experience users have on your site… A better experience leads to longer visits, more recommendations, incoming links and return visitors. And that is pretty straight forward if you ask me… Thanks for the vids!

  16. Hi matt, Everything you people make it as systematic it’s fine. When will we expect google updating option also comes under systematic?

  17. I disagree with these top comments. Google's primary product is and will always be "the quality of its search results" and they will always strive to deliver that organically. Off course Google is always finding ways o make more money via Ads. As an SEO I truly believe that these updates Panda and Penguin came to make organic search results even better and punish those who try to game the algo. Prove to that is that I've always played by their rules none of my were ever affected by algo updates

  18. I'm a victim of a negative seo campaign. (Yes it does seem to work in a small niche) Why when I'm white hat and follow all the guidelines does google not follow through on my disavow requests? Why can the algo not recognise that we have never needed or bought links and that a sudden surge in links to a #1 serp is obviously not an action on our part?

  19. Wow, this one is the best cutts video for sure. Don't remember any other video that described the subjects this in-depth. Thanks Matt!

  20. Your positioning in SERP's is as a result of LINK BUILDING. Matt you are lying about almost everything you say. The 'experience' as you put is is never a factor in your ranking a site. If it was, you would care more about bounce rates instead of how many links they have. Seriously pal, stop lying. Its short term benefit, but you have lost your soul, which is long term

  21. It takes more than a shiny site to compete with CraigsList. What he's saying is that Google like everything to be an entertaining experience. They preach that good content is what they want, but what they like as content has more to do with how many pictures and videos a site has, not whether the text helps people do things right.
    Google attach too much importance to "glossy" sites. Given a row of used cars, they'd pick the shiny Cadillac, even if there was no engine.

  22. I dont think that is what he is saying at all @craig ..

    I do believe he is saying that GOOGLE won't send as MUCH traffic to Craigslist if they don't get their act together… 🙂 what he is saying is that someone else in the "online classified" space can and will take SERP market share..

  23. I don't think he means some newcomer could take on CraigsList because their site has a newly designed interface. I hope he doesn't. He doesn't look THAT stupid. Google spiders don't look at that, anyway.

    I do think that changing site interfaces upsets people, especially if it doesn't help much. I hate change for the sake of change.

    Once PayPal changed their log-in box and I wouldn't log in for a day until I'd checked it wasn't a Trojan … does that make me weird?

  24. Great video. I like to focus efforts beyond link building (getting into the online social community, interacting, etc.) – but you have me thinking more about 'user experience' and whether we've done enough on our pages. Thanks!

  25. I agree that if more SEO's understood databases and how to interact with them then the idea of updates, filters and indexing makes total sense. At the end of the day the web is a huge database and Google is the best app to use to parse the data.

  26. Every time I read a couple of comments on Matt's videos and it is astonishing how many haters are out there trying to rage instead of improve. Thanks Matt for one more awesome video. Haters gonna hate, who cares?

  27. Thanks Matt for the video. I agree with you completely. User experience must be improved. Also no one can survive in ebusiness without focusing on Social Media.

  28. again, a lot of bla bla and nothing solid. Are you actually saying that my website will increase in rankings (thus bringing me more organic and relevant traffic and because of that increasing my sales) by improving the user experience instead of building backlinks ? I find that a bit funny and sad because you know it's not so. Google actually made it so that we HAVE to build backlinks to get our websites up as much as possible. Websites with good user experience but no traffic is a waste of time

  29. Google's legal fiduciary responsibility is to make more money and sell more ads, but if they sell more today at the expense of tomorrow, is that what shareholders want? I own shares and I want long term value.

    Also, the amount of SEOs who think this is perhaps indicative how of why so many get hit by algorithms – they only think short term.

  30. Hey Matt, its not that people on "forums, or blackhat forums, have a conspiracy theory that google is trying to make more money and sell more ads", its that Google's legal fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to to MAKE MORE MONEY AND SELL MORE ADS.

    Thats hardly a conspiracy theory right?

  31. I couldn't agree more with your last point. Too many SEOs get stuck in the technical aspects and lose the broader view of making a website that people want to visit and use. UX is one of the most an important parts of digital marketing and it's sad to see that aspect ignored so often. Maybe we should just drop off a copy of Steve Krug's "Don't Make Me Think" at the door of every agency.

  32. Naturally I'm only guessing since Google hasn't released this information (to my knowledge). I'd assume that they factor in time on site/bounce rate (as well as load time) into this equation.

    My thinking is AJAX/Jquery type UX designs can either run flawlessly and help with UX, or be programmed/designed poorly and have a huge impact on the UX. I'd highly doubt that Google (or any application yet) is capable of making those distinctions (for the reasons you stated, i.e. subjective).

  33. Overall, Google hasn't managed to guy more people to buy ads because of Penguin and Panda. For every site hit by these algorithms, there are sites who know how to get around them, and end up making *more* money, not less.

  34. Talking about compellingness and user experience, how far and how deep can Googlebot detect that? I know Google is encouraging structured data now, but structured data is still far away from describing UX that may vastly involve JQuery and AJAX. Even with the detection of JQuery and AJAX, how can Googlebot assess its stability (besides some syntax error), usability, and sensibility, which may sometimes quite SUBJECTIVE? How about graphic design that improves user visualization? Tell me.

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