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Webspam Content Violations

Webspam Content Violations

Understand more about our Webmaster Guidelines and ensure you are adding value for your users.

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  1. If I want to help google to fight against spammy websites in the search results and in the maps then Google doesn't react! I did already their homework for more than 10 spammy websites and I reported one of them begging Google to contact me through my Gmail-address for sending them my prove of material, but nobody there as usual.Thanks Google for helping us to make our life better and easier!

  2. Gut, dass der Mehrwert und der Nutzen für User immer mehr bei Google im Vordergrund stehen und dass billige SEO-Tricks bestraft werden!

  3. I have a question ? For Example :- if a website use a content from govt site and Add canonical tag that content originally from govt website that mean it's a ethical way website will not get any penalty. But if same content also copied by other websites and duplicate checking tools show duplicate content from multiple site will that website get penalty or not ? Please reply if any one have ans ?

  4. Great video. I never like hearing when people say Google is always changing the rules. The rules have always been the same; 1. Be relevant 2. Be informative and/or entertaining 3. If #1 & #2 truly are worth remarking about, then you'll be popular. That formula has never changed. Focus your strategy on this concept, and not the latest short term tactic.

  5. The ads are not showing on my blogger site. But my account approved by that site. What is the fault? I need help. Thanks

  6. Somehow, this video gives me the impression that Google thinks there should be just one bicycle shop in the world, because having more of them doesn't "add value for the user." I realize that Google is not a public utility running a search engine for all our good, but a for-profit business, so they are as entitled as any business owner to provide the product they want to provide, but I do think it is very unfortunate that they are so hooked on blogs as the ideal type of website. A website for a typical small business basically says, "This is who we are, this is what we can do for you, and this is how you can reach us." That information does not change, and much of it will necessarily overlap with what a lot of other sites have to say. That doesn't mean it's not a "valuable user experience" to find a good bike shop. A bike store should be able to concentrate on selling bikes, not start writing a blog about bikes just for SEO.

  7. Google is frustrating. When you solve a problem of supposed quality guidelines violations, they come up with other type of violations just to make a webmaster/blogger go insane.
    I don't fit in either of these categories and what am I supposed to do? delete 5 years worth of content?

  8. Умеет он релевантную информацию подавать, при поиске программы или еще чего либо – выдаст 100% 100500 тысяч ссылок на вирусы и на adbot.

  9. Am I spamming if my supplier gives me information/product description to use? Other than that plagiarism is anathema to me as well. For example, how am I supposed to describe-in a different or more creative way-the binomial theorem or the quadratic equation?

  10. Google has ruined my business too. It was a website selling bridal dresses. They don't care and I will never forgive them as I had to make my first employee redundant today.

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