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The Search Engine Optimization Scam – Lehto’s Law 4.30

The Search Engine Optimization Scam - Lehto's Law 4.30

People who own websites get bombarded by shady emails, promising help with “Search Engine Optimization.” These emails are trolling for gullible people – but there is almost no way to make them stop. But there is something fun you can do. Tell them to “Call me immediately!”




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  1. Aren't you worried that this episode will jinx all your many years of hard won SEO (knocking – nay – rapping my knuckles on real oak wood – ouch).

  2. You probably actually that company money who bought the lead. You gave them the feedback they needed about their lead source.

  3. I’m not sure if you’ve done a video on this or not ,if you have I couldn’t find it ,but I was wondering what your thoughts were on ford motor company suing wrestler John Cena for selling his Ford GT.

  4. Sears kept calling my dad about vinyl siding and he couldn’t get them to stop. He finally made an appointment for them to come out. They got there and said ‘you already have vinyl siding’ He said ‘that’s what I have been trying to tell you’ Never got another call.

  5. I tried several searches on Google with different terms. One search gave lots of sites about lemon law. Other searches returned a bunch of .gov sites with laws and consumer advice. Finally, on one of the searches Google suggested, "michigan lemon law attorney." Bingo! There is your site right below the paid ads. BUT, trying to go there repeatedly returned an error, "Site can not be reached." That's not helpful. Oh, wait, I just tried it again and it popped up. Anyway, I really like your videos.

  6. This video reminds me of "adventures in replying to spam email" by Steven vietch. He's on YouTube. Comedien on TED talks.

  7. Clarify ! Shall I call you Steve Immediately or Immediately Lehto? Or just a single name like Prince? I had to pause once to stop laughing because I couldn't laugh and listen.

  8. I wonder if John Obama knows Engelbert Trump.

    I think they just pick from the few recognizable American names they know. Years ago when the Nigerian 419 scammers moved to emailing people, I received one from a "persecuted white sharecropper in Zimbabwe" who needed to move her money out of the country. Her name? "Sheryl Crowe."

    needless to say, I could not help her.

  9. Maybe you can find a good mail program that pattern-matches the garbage from examples and discards most junk mail immediately by phrases in the text. If you do, let us know. My Yahoo mail does this sometimes, not enough.

  10. When I see one of Steve's videos and see that he has less than 10K subscribers, and then think about the pimply faced kid with a million subscribers who posts mindless video game videos – I realize why we have divisions in society. Why some people live in poverty, and some live normal or even great lives.

    Thanks for what you''re giving us Steve.

  11. They teach people at most Call Centers about American Holidays so that they can build some kind of trust with you.
    Did you have a Web Site before the Internet was Invented 🙂
    And please call me ASAP 🙂

    Another great information filled report, as always.

  12. Yes! I have to say using broken English as a marketing strategy is sheer genius. I would never have thought of that…… (wonder why) 🙂

  13. I've given up on spam a long time ago, they just sit in my Inbox, unread. I get about 20.000 of them every year (+5000 automatically identified as spam), so at the end of the year I sit down and delete them.

  14. I hate the extortion of "privacy" when buying a domain. Pay $10 year for privacy on the domain, if you don't pay for it, they will sell your info.

  15. So why not put an email filter to filter out emails with keywords such as google top ranking or whatever terms seem to be consistent with these emails and move on with your life. I have no idea what you use for an email client but seems easy enough.

  16. I heard that the broken English is actually a part of the scammers' strategy. Sending millions of spam email is cheap but following up the few response they get is expensive (like the guy who paid 400 bucks for Mr. Lehto's response). The scammers rather getting fewer response than spending time and money on those "leads" that don't really follow up. By sending email written in broken English they only get responses from those who are gullible enough to fall for an email written in broken English.

    p.s. If my English looks a bit broken that is because I am a non-native speaker, not because I am trying to scam anyone here :p

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