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The Etsy SEO secret. How to rank in the etsy search

The Etsy SEO secret. How to rank in the etsy search

There is one Etsy SEO secret that noone is talking about
One method to boost your SEO, to increase your items ranking in the Etsy search
And its really easy to do
Watch the video to find out how to increase etsy traffic and learn how to rank in the etsy search
#EtsySEO #RankOnEtsy
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  1. Omg. I thought I was the only person in the world that says, “niche,” the same way you did. Lol 🙌

  2. I'm struggling with my shop right now, I searched "gemstone drop earrings" and one seller has 5 items on first page. But you're saying that doesn't happen?

  3. I'm new at listing my Henna Canvas Art on Etsy your tips have been great and super easy to follow. Unlike some you actually tell us how you've done it. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing tips! I'd love for you to be my first etsy follower hennaglambytina please stop by my store 🙂

  4. This is a smart video, I have had my shop forever and it's getting expensive its only crocheted skullcaps and scarves. Took forever to get the inventory up, now I am finally happy with it. Most of my customers are from chatting online. Etsy is a lot of work the customer service stinks, I am doing better on ebay and it's so much easier. Peace and Hugs KP

  5. Question: So if I am interested in Vintage "things" and I was planning on selling 5 or 6 different items, but they are all Vintage, is that bad and I shouldn't be doing it?

  6. what you're saying is that if a shop has all the same category and uses one keyword to boost the rank, that they'll rank higher? ex. making 10 listings with a similiar items and similar keywords but every one of them share one keyword that's the same? bc i heard that you can only rank once on a page.. so if you have other listings that are similar, they won't be displayed at the same time as the others or they will be competing for each other for the place on the search.. forgive me if i misunderstood you, i'm super duper new to etsy lol didn't even know what SEO meant until like a week ago, but i've been doing my research.

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