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The #1 Principle of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – YouTube Gamers Academy

The #1 Principle of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - YouTube Gamers Academy

I’m sure you’ve read all the blogs and seen all the videos that tell you the foundation of a successful YouTube channel is “great content.” I’m here to tell you that great is no longer good enough.

Today’s video will serve as a prelude to a series of videos where I’ll be teaching the fundamental principles of Search Engine Optimization and how you can strategically and tactically implement them to grow your YouTube channel and reach your goals for success.

I think our friend in the Yellow Suit from Gangnam Style sums things up nicely.

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  1. I’ve heard a lot of related videos however yours is the best kudos for the unique and compelling video

  2. People need to realize that they must no matter what provide value to their viewers and they will come, they will return to see added value if you stay consistent in what you choose to offer up. I dig your short story, you might have something there bro!

    I would add to your video here is folks need to watch their YouTube Analytics. Peep the watch time on high trending videos, and study where folks are dropping off the videos. Watch time is the truth out here on YouTube now. SEO works regarding keyword usage and Google Rank combined with YouTube Rank, but also Social Networking powers for many in Social Media cannot be beaten, nor can we fight against the Advertisers who promote their videos out on YouTube.

    Those who focus on Evergreen original content that fit into specific niches that have a permanent life cycle like Sports, Food, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle, Music, Comedy, Entertainment etc… when they merge their high quality content with SEO skills, channel branding on YouTube and as your channel has great eye catching thumbnails. The digital sky has no limit thereafter as the search engines love them. YouTube will promote such channels and video footage per video, and so a true cash cow it can become if fully monetized with Zero copyright issues.

  3. I guess the real question for Let's Plays are how would someone make Compelling Let's Plays..usually those lie around the thumbnail and Title, but it would be different if you can innovate it into something like a Drama Webseries

  4. man you should have 100k likes and 0 dislikes, and A MINIMUM of 500,000 subs, the content you create is mind blowing.. TOP

  5. In other words, what can we give that no one else is giving out there.. And how do we transmit our individuality into our content. Again, a big thank you!

  6. Dope my bro.. I could dig it… I don't know if you ever was "yoelliot" he has a bodybuilding channel… the way your present your message reminds me of him in a lot of ways follow what you like bro and who says you cant mix different lanes together .. wish you the best and i'll be watching peace!

  7. i really like your teaching videos hope atleast i get a tiny liittle bit here on youtube in future anyways keep it up have a nice 2016 and also i don't have sort of regular income in order to support good content creators like you it's really sad.

  8. Amazing video! This is exactly what I've been learning in my first year of YouTubing. People subscribe to YOU, not necessarily your content. That and the fact that properly positioned content is king. Your copyright video with Video Creators is required reading when I am talking with other YouTubers.

    I think in 2016 I will also be moving a way from Let's Plays, or at least working with other formats (vlogs, sketches, etc.) I really enjoy how easily you discuss topics and how personable you are. I can tell you're going to be one of the winners.

    Best of luck to you sir. =)

  9. I have to say this. You are just that damn good… hands down. Ive caught onto your videos the last few days and all I could think is how good this guy is lol. Seriously though, not only your teaching and content is good, but your speech skills are unbelievable. You deliver effective presentations without any filler words. I could not catch one. I can see you growing and going on teaching material at college sessions and/or seminars along with motivational speaking. Wish I could have a personal one on one talk with you on personal advice. If you ever take the time to consider doing that for me, let me know. Otherwise, keep up the hard work bud. Awesome stuff.

  10. thanks for being honest bc and yup I know compelling is king I watch a small youtuber who does lets plays I watch him every morning he talks about his love for the games the lore etc and his ideas about why yet apart from watching yours I don't watch anyone elses fallout 4 walkthroughs except a certain rad person so see how much of an idiot he makes yet he gets 200,000 – 300,000 I think comepelling is good but theres also another key , and simpsons are always topical tent poles stuff

  11. Why are u quitting? From the looks of it your channel is growing u have 8k subs and your content is good, I mean I get what u r saying for reasons why u quitting but still i don't know man

  12. Hey Alloy, just wanted to share some love and let you know that I have really benefited from your teaching vids. You have always been someone who exercises precision and well thought out action in a determined fashion, and I think this is what I have always admired about you most. However that translates going into the future, I am looking forward to seeing what's in store. And hopefully, with the new content you will be bringing us, you will muster up some of these compelling attributes you clearly possess.

    Stay awesome mate!

    ~ Be.

  13. This interactive story actually resonated with me, since I kind of attempted to be that man in the yellow snakeskin-suit. I mean, the reason he's so memorable is largely because he stands-out in the crowd, so that is exactly what I tried to do, but in the field of game reviews. Typically, reviews are either comedic or serious (aka, focused exclusively on the game), so what I did in in the first shots of my first video is I tried to create a depressing/sad scene, which is something I've never seen other reviewers do.

    The idea was to intrigue the viewer with a jarringly different style/approach to game reviews, so that, even if the viewers were to click away from the video after a minute or two, the impression of a man in a yellow snakeskin-suit would remain – the image of the openly depressed individual that stands-out in the field of lighthearted content, and if they do happen to come back in one way or another, they would find that underneath this melancholic style there are carefully thought-out deconstructions of video games(at least I hope so) – aka, the normal side of the man in the yellow suit.

    So, once again, this principle of creating compelling content, that you've described, resonated a lot with me and my original plans for my channel, which is kind of pleasant, since it might mean that I'm moving in the right direction 🙂

    P.S. Even though it is a little sad to hear that you're planning to stop making tutorial videos, but I have to say that the body of work you've created in this department is pretty solid – it helped me (and many others) to understand a lot about youtube – so if you feel that its time to conclude this series, I would like to say: a big Thank You for your tutorials, and I will look forward to your future endeavors 🙂

  14. Hey BC, What's happening to the Youplay community? Are you still interested in community submissions such as a 'top 5 games of 2015' video?

  15. Just want to say, every time I watch one of your videos I end up a little smarter, you are definitely having a positive impact, good job and I'm sure you'll keep at it in some shape o form. Can't thank you enough for that.

    Couldn't agree more with "Great isn't Good Enough", in today's world success is a measure of how willing you are to strive to do better next time and never stop improving. Thank you for reminding me of that.

    Can't wait to hear what's replacing the Let's Plays 😀

  16. I never really considered you to be a Lets Player BC, I always presumed that you did them for fun and interaction with people. However I do think that moving on from Lets Plays will be a positive step for the channel.

    For starters, I find that your LP's tend to lack a focus, you spend a lot of time talking to the game that you often forget that you have an audience. It's an easy mistake to make as everybody plays games differently and it's also a good example on the importance of finding your space in Youtube and how to expand it.

    A lot of the best LPers on Youtube (not necessarily the most popular) tend to have a focus. HC Bailey for example spends hours and hours doing extensive research on games he plays because his focus is to inform… but not only that, he also strives to entertain at the same time he knows how to present his LP's in an iconic manner that other Youtubers fail to do. I believe one of the things he said was

    "I hate blind LP's because the person playing them often doesn't have a single clue what they're doing"

    Of course there are other ways of LPing. You can come up with a commentary topic for example. This is basically what your Youplay is all about and it's enjoyable for this reason. People like to hear other's thoughts on popular topics.

    The thing that people seem to forget with LP's is "why is someone going to watch your LP when they'd rather be playing the game themselves?" Why would you watch someone play Fallout 4 when you're too busy playing it yourself? Is it informative? Do you have a good topic to discuss? If not then i'm your lets plays hold literally zero value. It's extremely rare when a lets player without a focus can maintain an audience.

    Sure, you might get lucky on a game that people are really passionate about… but once that's over, what do they have left to stay for?

    As such, Lets Plays are OK for filler material but are only worth your time if you can either come up with a focus or simply enjoy doing it and want to share it with your audience.

    Oh and by the way I recommend you don't stream your game reviews, it takes away from the structure of it and can be distracting when you're playing the game at the same time as you review it.

    I hope to see Youplay return in the near future, I miss your discussion video's.

  17. Honestly, I could tell you weren't "compelled" while doing Let's Plays. I only watched a few of yours and it didn't really grab me. It's your other videos — the videos that offer me something — that I stick around for.

  18. Alloy, great video. Do you sell any merch? that hat is so sweet, I'd love to show my support that way.

  19. word. I noticed this about 1-2 years ago too.. that was when I stopped creating content.
    good luck my man! you've been great! just hope you won't stop creating videos in the future.

  20. Really good video, BC! I'm looking forward to see what type of content you will bring us next year 🙂

  21. Wo your stopping teaching video too I just saw the title that's insane I'll see what happens further in .

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