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SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2016 | What Is SEO and How Does It Work?

SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2016 | What Is SEO and How Does It Work?

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Learn all about SEO and what seo is. This is a good SEO tutorial for beginners that really helps you get a better understanding of what SEO is and where to you hire a company for your website. Learn what SEO is and how can seo work for your website. Theres tons of SEO tutorials but really learn it from someone in the business! Learn how SEO works.Start your rank your website on the search engines such as google yahoo or bing

There are lots of different ways to go about SEO, but i think that its important to protect yourself from companies who want to take advantage of you. Trust me, just watch this tutorial, learn it for yourself and do your own SEO. I really dont recommend to hire any American companies because i used to work for one and we always outsourced our SEO to india anyways!

For more tutorials. or to learn how to make a website, visit my website at //

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  1. I'm an Indian, and yes you are right. Indians underestimate themselves and are ready to work at much cheaper rates. You try to get a blogger from India, you will only have to spend 2 dollars per article. Not just any article, but SEO article. I always try to encourage Indian freelancers to up their game, this is just sad.

  2. Hi Darrel, Iโ€™m completely alien to this and I really want to learn this, so thanks for sharing the info!
    Also, I just created my website, Iโ€™m kinda stuck where to go from there do you have any suggestion? Your help would be greatly appreciate it!

  3. Google search: WUMO SEO. It is the most trustworthy Search engine optimization firm. They offer 100% money back guarantee. I vouch for WUMOSEO.

  4. When I type in my name I'm the first image you see. A realtor comes up most but I'm #3๐Ÿ˜‚ My old MySpace image & my FB page is the website. I have been on social media since each site created & online since invented. But if you're marketing a store or product that's not your name this will be tricky.

  5. No matter that this site is more promotive than educational, I find it useful because I'm aware the fact SEO is not easy. And a guy is just sharing his experience with the best way how to start with being educated. I appreciate the advice.

  6. This wasn't really a tutorial, more like a promotion of the course you talked about on udemy. You barely even talked about seo, you mostly just stated your opinions and thoughts on sourcing and that's it :/ I would change the title of the video tbh @-@

  7. thx so much, this is exactly what I need to promote my small business at a price I can afford – FREE

  8. A marketer telling people about garbage websites on the front page and they only want your money because they are good SEOs, to having a self-proclaimed-SEO telling us the most important thing you can do is buy his videos. Hmm.

  9. tutorial? he promoted a paid website…. hilarious! company has 30 day money back guarantee but states you won't see result for up to 6 months. shit me, I can't stop laughing…

  10. Thanks Darrel for this video and yes, for recommending Indian companies to work with for SEO since I work for an Indian SEO company.. Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. So at the end of this, it for you to promote an udemy tutorial? This video is a garbage!!! Well, u said we shouldn't rely on any youtuber

  12. you're good with your words to promote the SEO Video but yet im still clueless what does it mean SEO and how does it works. This doesn't seem to be tutorial video. more like promoting the seo video. sorry boss.

  13. I appreciate the effort but I wanted more from this video. This is more like where to look for SEO tutorials and not how it really works.

  14. SEO can be cunning and harm if not correctly done the way search engines want it. More natural linking is the way for gaining rankings, LinkBoosterz has some quality link structuring with utmost safety for your website and business

  15. if this is for beginner why you all talk so fast . you are talking to people who want to learn , not for people who already know .
    STEP BY STEP is how a person learn . STEP BY STEP is for BEGINNER .

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