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SEO For Dummies: How To Rank In Google

SEO For Dummies: How To Rank In Google

So what is SEO and how can you use it to get your sites to rank in Google? Well in this video I’ll explain it all to you – in plain English.

I’ll show you the simple SEO tips and techniques that I use to get all of my niche sites to rank in the top spots of Google so that I can make constant sales through various affiliate programs.

This video is part of a ‘crash course’ for new affiliate marketers that I put together which you can find here:



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  5. Thank you for your very informative video. If I upload and tag with keywords photos to my website and add a blog as well, can google still pick up on my keywords if I have the photos and blog hidden from the people who view my website?

  6. I am a YouTube expert, YouTube Certified by Google and run a YouTube consulting firm called BlueTube Media, and I can tell you now that tags are very important when it comes to YouTube Videos. While YouTube puts a higher emphasis on the video watch time percentage, and uploads, utilized proper tags can positively increase one's rankings in video search and increase a video's views by 20-30%. When tagging a video, I recommend including channel specific, playlist specific and video specific tags. Also, make sure to utilize the YouTube auto-suggest bar, and check the tags of the source code from other channel pages. Hope this helps!

  7. dude when you said "But F_ck that!! because you really don't! " at around the 12:01 point …I felt that in my soul lol you rock!

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  9. Ranking in google was made easier for me with the use of influencer marketing via phlanx as my platform. I was able to raise my presence therefore turning it into traffic, enabling me to achieve better SEO.

  10. Thanks for the information. I love the easy way you explain these things. But why do you always have the 90's porno music in the background?

  11. I think you got too stoned and release all your trade secrets into the world. Now you got some clued up competition on SEO lol.

  12. Lazy Ass Stoner has pumped out a lot of great SEO video, I just wish he would come back and keep posting ;(

  13. You are awesome! This is an informative video with an honest presentation full of SEO tips. I'm a fan!

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