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SEO eBay Search Engine Optimization Advice – Listing Every Day Increases Sales

SEO eBay Search Engine Optimization Advice - Listing Every Day Increases Sales

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The eBay Search Engine, Cassini, likes active stores. The more active your store is, the higher your listing can place in search. When you are high in search, more buyers will see your item and you will get more sales.

We can’t control when buyers buy, but we can control when we list – and listing is considered an activity. Use the scheduled folder to hold listings so you always have a few at your fingertips to post.


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  1. I learned of the schedule listing from you but somewhere I read or heard that each store has an allotment of 50 free schedule listings in a month. Not sure how true that is, so I’ll have to call eBay. I’ve had the same thing happen to my drafts where they just disappear. The best one is last week I listed 3 tennis racquets and when I looked in my live listings none of them were there-hmmm. They must of fell into eBay abliss as they call it. Thanks for another great information video! Will definitely follow your steps for you Rock and I watch all your videos and even watch your ads -so you get credit with utube. Smiles! Anything to help you I’m game because you do and give so much to the reseller world Ms Suzanne. Your Amazing my all time Fav

  2. Beautiful. just wanted to point out something which is when an ebay seller gets over 50 free listings then he gets to pay 0.30 dollars per listing and I find that somewhat harsh since what if the item wont sell and doesnt sell.

  3. So happy to watch this video, i was thinking to list all items i can in one time, fortunaly i hadn't did that yet.

    Suzanne what do you suggest me to do, start with a seller account first or a business account, my goal it's to have a business account of course? I was thinking to start with just a seller account to get used to eBay then moving to a Business account.

    I also seen we can have a shop on eBay, what's the difference with the business account? It's a little confusing for me.

    Thanks for all these tips and good continuation for your business…

    PS: How much does it cost now to have you inspect and review our shop?

  4. Hi Suzanne thank you for the video. what about beginners that don't have a ebay store but just a personal account . the free one.does that effect how your listings will be seen? Just curious if a beginner should get a store?

  5. Thanks for the info. Doing ebayfor a LONG time and didn't know a thing about scheduled folder! Thx!

  6. I've had this happen a few times to me but never put 2 and 2 together! I would go days without a sale, start listing a handful of items, and literally would have my phone cha-chinging while I was listing! It was never the new items either! I just found you today with this video. Going to go subscribe right now and watch some old videos! Thank you!! 🙂

  7. WOW! Ms Suzanne; I always wandered where my drafts would disappear too. And I also thought no matter what w/ schedule listings that we were charged no matter! Thanks a million! Can't believe I haven't seen this sooner. I need to weed out a lot of who I watch I always get "The Real McCoy Truths from you"! Where do I find it again. I came across by accident one day months ago. I will play 1st then if I can't find I will re-contact you through here. Since I have a playlist of you set up in my utube. "❤️U Will Always Be My Rockstar❤️"! For you give us very valuable and beneficial information and I would like to personally Thank you!

  8. I didn't know that there was a scheduling feature on eBay. I'm definitely going to try this over the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great advice! I am a newbie that has been selling for about two months. I do have a full time job and I put a ton of work in on the weekends and weeknights. I think this will be a great strategy for me to try.

  10. I had no idea the schedule features charges you ten cents! I use this all the time and feel so stupid. Thank you for your insights!

  11. Hi, Suzanne. Do you use eBay's Seller Manager Pro to list? If not what do you use instead? Can;t find anyone covering this topic. Thanks

  12. This is a great tip! Thanks very much! I knew about the scheduled feature, but didn't know you could manually go in and list before the target date.

    I'm one of those people who typically lists a lot at once and then doesn't list any for a while, so I'm going to put these suggestions into practice and see if things improve!

    Thanks again!

  13. I am so glad that you mentioned draft's disappearing. I have had this happen and could not figure it out. Thought I was losing my mind. So its not just me! I have started using the schedule feature with great results!

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Download the Leaked Google Rating Guidelines PDF

Download the Leaked Google Rating Guidelines PDF

Proven Link Building & SEO Strategies to Rank #1 on Google

Proven Link Building & SEO Strategies to Rank #1 on Google