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Secrets of Shopify Course Part 14 – ULTIMATE Shopify SEO -Search Engine Optimization

Secrets of Shopify Course Part 14 - ULTIMATE Shopify SEO -Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimisation = free traffic from Google. Who wouldn’t want that? Get those organic rankings and KEEP them long term with this part of the Secrets of Shopify SEO course.

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  1. Good stuff mate! I specialise in SEO (mostly Shopify stores) and you can really do kick ass SEO with Shopify. I have no problem ranking #1 ahead of wordpress sites for competitive keywords.

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  3. Matt have you got any Blue Furry Widgets! lol, I think that could be my next Promotional Merchandise product I offer to my clients – Steve Gill

  4. You said "blue widget" seventy-eight times….Just kidding, I didn't count but it was a LOT lol Thanks for the help…appreciated.

  5. Just watched a diarrhea video in Hungarian for 45 seconds to show my support… enjoy the 10 cents! Awesome vids! Local newspaper success story link… genius!

  6. Hey Matt, did SEO back in the old days and used Adwords keyword planner to help with domain choice and keyword choice. That stuff still relevant? Also LSI, is that still a ranking issue? Cheers for the vids mate, excellent stuff. ps … you got a furry widget still?

  7. Hey Matt, thanks for the videos. Totally new to the concept of shopify so just working my way through the videos. So just to confirm Blue Furry Widgets are a sub niche you're recommending!?! 😉 Cheers dude

  8. Cheers for the video Matt. Are you able to do something on domains. I'm trying to work out if having different domains (eg. .com,, each of the countries I sell to is worth doing. Cheers Blake

  9. No slurping of tea during filming today Matt? Well done 😛 but how can I get results NOW with SEO? 😉

    Just came across your series yesterday and I have to say that this entire series(which I've pretty much binged btw) is by far the most honest and forthcoming series I've watched, and there's been a few. The rest I've watched all seem to be more interested in selling me a "get rich quick" scheme and pay them extreme amounts of money for the honour. Thank you for your in-depth and White Hat approach. Although I can't afford the courses at this time, just started a new job and haven't even got a cheque as of yet. I am going to set up a Shopify store(from your link) and buy your courses asap. Keep up the great work 😀 from Ontario, Canada btw, FYI. Will the deal still be on in 2-3 weeks time? I should have my first cheque by then. On to Part 15 for now.

  10. Hey Mat do you still have any fairy blue widgets left lol. Thank so all the info. It helped me out a lot

  11. lol, fury blue widgets. My partner Shaun Handley who also watches all your videos found it so funny. He thinks you are a great guy x

  12. Matt, you still got those furry widgets??? haha

    I've always had a vague wishy washy idea about SEO, this video really cleared that all up. I now also know not to trust those courses sold for thousands promising instant 1st page google and YouTube rankings!

    Endless value here (and the entire course for that matter) super helpful, thank you!

  13. The bad thing is, is that i don't think i fully took this all in and am going to have to watch it again to get advise on the bits i might have missed lol

  14. Thank you, I've spent the entire day watching all 14 parts of your very helpful tutorials. Used your link for my Shopify store.

  15. You're amazing Matt! Thanks for all the shopify course content, it has been so useful! Keep up the good work!

  16. Great video, thanks Matt! However, I think Hollie needs to worry about your relationship with furry blue widgets 🙂

  17. Hey Matt!! Thanks for the video it's explained a lot about SEO. Can I ask how you avoid your suppliers in China sending an invoice on the outside of an Epacket? I've ordered a few sample products from AliExpress but the supplier has displayed my cost price on the outside of the packaging? Not something I want my customers to see!! 😳

  18. "Matt have you a furry widget or something" watched it in 2 sittings, great content as ever, cheers Matt 🙂

  19. Enjoyed the video, it would be useful to see screen shots of shopify pages indicating where to put SEO

  20. who the fuck are the 3 folks that dislike this video? shout outs from the US btw, keep it up man!

  21. matt have you ever thought of sharing your computer screen with your videos. it would really be a block buster hit then. even now also you got valuable information. but I was thinking of seeing your work over your shoulder. that way we would really understand more.

  22. aliexpress just froze my card until they verify it. multiple orders just got closed and those include orders made by customers 3 days ago. I am told it's going to take 2-3 days to verify even with it sped up and another 24 hrs of waiting time after appeal to use my credit card again. I am panicking because a couple of the orders need to go to UK and they alrdy take 20-40 days to get there. What should I do? panicking.

  23. Hi there, I did find your video informative and helpful. I have a started my website about six weeks ago I will implement your suggestions and take it from there. I look forward to more informative videos on how to have a good website. Thank you, Malcolm Hudson

  24. mate you're killing it with the videos recently! It seems like you magic time in the day to make these videos! Props too you mate!

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