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Search Engine Optimization Tips ($100k In Affiliate Commissions)

Search Engine Optimization Tips ($100k In Affiliate Commissions)

In this video I teach a 100% Google friendly SEO tips that I used to generate over $100,000 in affiliate commissions for my online business. If you’re serious about increasing your search engine rankings in Google, the tips I reveal in this video are exactly what you need to do.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

How to improve your rankings to appear on Page 1 of Google doing 100% complaint tactics.

In a nut shell, what I do is I tap into Google’s 3 main properties:

Google Plus
And Blogger

Along with those properties, I also create blogs on and Weebly.

These 5 properties together have the potential to significantly increase the search engine rankings of your videos and websites.

The key to this is to put high quality content on all 5 properties.

Usually a 600-1000 word post, with proper headlines and sub headlines, and images.

Then, I embed my YouTube video at the very top of each blog post.

There is an 2 fold advantage to doing this:

1) People will spend more time on your blog posts, which Google LOVES. Basically they want to send visitors to the kind of content that keeps their attention. If your mini-sites have solid content and a good video at the top, you will hold your viewers attention much longer.

2) The more your video is embedded in related, relevant content, the better it is for the search engine optimization of your videos. Therefore your videos will rank higher in Google.

The overall thing you have to keep in mind is at no point are we trying to “game” Google. We are giving them exactly what they want – content that providers users genuine value. And by doing this, naturally your SEO rankings will improve.

Hope you enjoyed this video.

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  1. Great content! Love learning more about SEO and how I can rank my site even higher. Thank you!

  2. Hi Dan, Thanks for this awesome tip. I have modified my affiliate strategy already to incorporate this process into my overall strategy. Thanks heaps for the tips. This is pure gold.

  3. It was really helpful thank you. I should get back to studies now 😂😂. Plz stop doing subscribe and press bro icon thing.

  4. What do you mean by creating content for those 4 properties. Do you have an account with blogger, with wordpress, with google plus and then you post there? I get the whole idea about diversifying traffic but I'm unclear what exactly you mean when you say 'I get 3-4 pieces of content made and post them under each one.' Thanks for clarifying 🙂 Kris

  5. How do I drive traffic to my supporting websites? Do I use the same method as my money sites i.e. social bookmarking and blog comments etc?

  6. How many articles do each blogging site require for this to work? and should do i keep updating them all with new post in order to keep the traffic flowing?

  7. Dan, quick question. Can I create a quality article on my money site, then share it on those 4 sites? Or do I really need to create a different piece of content for each? thanks!

  8. Came across your channel by chance but seem to have really stick to you because of the simplicity you put into explaining your videos. Keep it up.

  9. EXCELLENT TRAINING Thanks ….. Would you please recommend a good video editor for Mac ( not Camtasia) I am looking for something cheaper now… Thanks again for your great videos and training…. Beata 🙂

  10. Don't you have any other shirt? 😛 Just kidding, well what do you say about buying seo by freelancer?

  11. thanks for this Deadbeat, 1 question though
    What if i do not create a new Youtube video, if I use an existing (someone else's / official marketing video) and embed it on my website, will that help increase the rankings of my website ?

  12. Your Deadbeat Super Affiliate Program does it teach ranking and traffic getting to website because i have been building your kind of websites and it doesn't seems to get any traffic. I have spent over $10, 000 for training but all of product or training i took are all outdated or scams. .Am in the process of just giving up on this affiliate thing.

  13. Great video, gonna apply this in a few days. And for anyone reading this, I'm ranking 1st page on YouTube in 2 weeks for all 3 of my site's channels. If you choose a good niche then you will rank well on YouTube following his deadbeat affiliate system…now for Google!

  14. Regardless of the fact that English is not my mother tongue, I miss the words to tell you how long I've been waiting for someone like you to show me how this SEO-Stuff works. Thank you so so much <3

  15. OR you could just pay to have your video embedded on a few PBN domains and VOILA! Same result, 10 times less work

  16. Dan, about the Kung-Fu part? You also talk briefly (somewhere in the first few chapters) about martial arts training in your "Super Affiliate Course". So, what do you do in your free time? Punching or choking people out? Or even both? 😉

  17. Great content! So do you make videos for other products and have corresponding sites and if so is it possible to see some of those as examples?

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