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On Page SEO Tutorial 2018 – Instantly Rank A Website #1 On Google Using WordPress

On Page SEO Tutorial 2018 - Instantly Rank A Website #1 On Google Using Wordpress

On Page SEO Tutorial 2018: How to instantly rank #1 on Google with On Page SEO

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About Ruan: Ruan is a digital marketing expert located in Connecticut. Ruan specializes in search engine optimization for small business’s and natural SEO for national companies. Ruan is an avid believer in free information to the public. He gives out as much free content as possible to inform his audience of what’s possible with internet marketing.

On Page SEO Tutorial 2018 – HEY! If you saw my other video: // I made a complete break down on how to rank a local website on Google. In this video, we go over the On page SEO in a little depth. The goal of this video is to show you step-by-step how to optimize a WordPress site for on-page SEO.

This video consists of using the WordPress plugin, “Yoast SEO” to completely optimize your site. Here are the factors for the best on page optimization:

H1 tags
H2 tags
Images with alt. tags
300-1000 word count
LSI keywords (synonyms of your keyword)
Inner linking
Outer linking
Keyword density of 3%
URL Structure e.g “”

Using this on page SEO tutorial 2018 you can properly rank your websites locally on Google. If you need to contact me on a more personal note, you can reach me here:



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  1. I understand this properly for the first time!!!! Thanks, man! The Yoast SEO is the best ever! Thanks for this

  2. hi you should try consolety, it is a WordPress plugin that matching your blog posts with other users in the network of consolety based on your titles, your tags categories and language. Meaning 100% accurate matching that is rellevant all done for you by the consolety network. you can find it on wordpress plugins section simply by googling for consolety. please reply any feedback

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  4. Great Video, Actually webmaster tool is showing you that redirection there because you haven't included slash " / ", at the end of the URL Thanks for great info. NIce video keep it up

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  6. I've added some quick notes from the video:

    1) Title should be keyword or something relative to keyword
    2) URL will structure permalink for keyword being targeted
    3) H1 heading tag – use keyword so google knows what content is about
    4) Have keyword in 1st Paragraph
    5) Ensure there are no spelling mistakes in content
    6) Ensure keyword is written a few times in the content – the more keyword density the easier google will find the page – about 4 or 5 times
    7) Add images with Alt Text
    8) Add an H2 with keyword again
    9) Embed google map on contact page – //
    10) Add outbound links – maybe company & social
    11) Word count must be over 300 words

    In Yoast SEO:
    12) Type in focus keyword
    13) Edit Snippet – Add keyword to SEO Title & Description
    14) Slug should be the keyword
    15) In meta description, add keyword & blurb
    16) Edit & index on google console – //

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  8. Thank you Ruan. Really Appreciate buddy. It helped me a lot . How to start on page and yup keep making videos buddy. Thank you.ofcourse I liked your Gotch SEO interview. With all due respect to Gotch ,Ruan you are best.

  9. question, my website (home) page is pretty much a landing page, do I still have to fill out the description/post in the back end even though it won't show on the front end? If not, how would I seo my landing page? Thanks.

  10. Very precise and to the point without wasting a minute. This is great and learned a lot. Keep up the good work. Just a question, Are you familiar with webceo SOFTWARE?. I have the professional suite and never had a chance to learn it. Basically I need a tutor to explain it for an hour or two and I will be more than happy to pay for the service.

  11. Wow….Wait a minute. Do I need to put EVERY blog post I make on this Google Search Console or otherwise It will not be found? Could you PLEASEEE explain this whole putting the link of the blog post on Google Search Console thing to me?????

  12. Hey Ruan. I had a client that was stuck on bottom page 2 for about one year. Implemented your on page techniques… within a week it went up to page one, position #3. Thank you so much!

  13. Great video!! One question – If your build your website using a page builder do you apply the same SEO format that you have showed here?? Anyone??

  14. Noob question: I am coming from godaddy and wix (tell me about it lol). So to get started with this, you want me to get yoast. So that's $90. Now do I also want to sign up for word press premium at $10 a month? That would be $210 a year + the domain fee, is this just the cost of business or do I only need yoast and not word press premium? I'm basically starting my site all over again.

  15. I m planning to revamp ma website to wordpress frm another platform. What are all the strategies should I need to follow to rank topper quickly?

  16. we have some website using WordPress. trying to rank higher in Google, but unable, already done what you have said.

  17. Nice video!! Today I read an article in the digital marketing company "Talismanian Digital" blog page. Best SEO plugins that are really working for wordpress. It was so nice. They have really explained in simple English how these plugins works in WordPress. Their blog contain a bunch of awesome articles. Check it out: // and you can find the particular article about SEO plugins for WordPress in here: //

  18. I am gona try this… i am using yoast but not Google search console like this…Thanks man I learned new things… Thanks again …I sub u

  19. I believe you are supposed to google your site in a incognito window so google will not give you SERPS related to your past searches in other words results TAILORED to YOU . Please inform…

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