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Magic of Keyword research in SEO – Google keyword Planner – Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Magic of Keyword research in SEO - Google keyword Planner - Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Learn Magic of Keyword research – Learn Google keyword Planner – Search Engine Optimization Strategies.

I will discuss on following points:
What is keyword?
How to search keyword on Keyword planner.
How to choose keyword from Excel file.
My personal videos proof of SEO revenue

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  1. Google keyword planner [as well as other similar tools] is extremely limited in terms of the phrases they suggest. They focus mainly on the most popular keywords, which is not always the best solution for you. There's no point for you to target a keyword that attracts 10k monthly searches, if it's also used by millions of your competitors – so your chance of getting to Google page one is very low, or close to "zero".

    What I recommend for the store owners to do is to search for their keywords beyond the analysis tools. Explore the discussion groups in your niche, see suggested phrases on Amazon, YouTube, Reddit etc. This way you can discover what phrases people really use when talking about your products. You can find more organic keywords that your competitors might miss.

    That also gives you another advantage – if you use the keyword suggested by the Amazon search, you can be sure that this phrase will be used by someone looking to make a purchase – as they were looking for it on Amazon! So they searched for a specific product, wanting to buy it. This kind of keyword [transactional] can bring you the most relevant traffic, most likely to convert. This is much better than the general and hyper-competitive keywords suggested by the keyword tools.

    Learn more and discover Keyword Explore: the most comprehensive keyword research tool available on the market today: //

  2. Till the date,I have found your video the most accurate and professional… keep it up..good luck

  3. Thank You sir for very informative video, i just need to understand low range and high range bid value and low and high search value, how to calculate avg of this both parameters as gap is large between low and high, i request you to please reply.

  4. sir
    your give best information for new you tuber thanks for give you best information for my new chenal

  5. My adsense enabled for blog on blogger but no adds
    What should I do is it at my part or the google to start it

  6. Sir keywords her baar alag fill karny hotey hai kya her ek video k keywords.title or description to mujhe malom hai ki her baar alag hota hai per keywords ?

  7. When planning your YouTube keywords strategy, you want to come up with 10 to 20 single keyword tags that you want to try to rank for. Remember, since YouTube limits the number of tags you can include, add your most important keyword phrases first and then use specific multi-word tags that are easier to rank for. If you have room, also include the single-word tags and broader-term tags.
    You want to try to get as many views from as many different (relevant) search results as possible — which is an easier strategy than trying to rank #1 for a single keyword phrase.

  8. We should choose the keyword which has maximum searches and what about competition??It should be low ,high or medium?

  9. Hello sir,
    Indescribable praiseworthy elaboration my dear sir!
    I have a question which is very important for me and I'll ask this question in Urdu/Hindi.
    Sir ma apki videos daikhta hu or ma YouTube ka sub ap ki videos sa seekh raha hu. Apna recording ka background noise khatam karny ka liyain audacity software btaya h apni ek dosri video main per ma PowerPoint main presentation bnata hu or vedio mp4 file format ma save hute h ju audacity accept ni karta. To is ka liyain Kia karo. Any suggestion sir. I'm early waiting for your answer!
    Sincere regards

  10. hello… is this keyword research will be activated only after monitization of channel ? how to monetise channel ? ty…

  11. BAKI SB TO THIK HAI LEKIN apke planner me rupees show ho rahe hai or hmare planeer me dollors kyu show hote hai

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