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How to SEO Your WordPress Website – Search Engine Optimization & Insider Secrets

How to SEO Your Wordpress Website - Search Engine Optimization & Insider Secrets

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  1. Guys, the theory in this video is still very relevant (and therefore definitely worth watching), but the software has changed over the last couple of years, so I'm renewing the whole process video. For now, new theory, strategies and software are covered in the first two installments of the FREE 3-part series, as follows:

    PART 1: //
    PART 2: //



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  5. Wow! Some really good info man, thanks! Also, it's kinda fun to see what YOAST looked like back in 2013! haha crazy that they're still around, which shows you just how awesome that tool it. I love it!
    Anyway, like you said in the description, most of this still is still pretty relevant. I even did an updated video on this stuff and just checking around to see if anyone has any further tricks to add.

  6. Even though there has been an update, I managed to follow this all the way through and it was really great. Thanks!

  7. This is one of the best videos I've watched. I have a style blog and keywords are so important. Now I understood why I have to add H1 text. If I go back and change the keywords and add H1 title will it be ok?

    Thank you

  8. i use similar keyword in heading and meta description but still it show error for not used keyword in it..pls help

  9. Hi Alex, thank you for your video, but when I try to add the plugin of SEO, it said I need to upgrade to premium wordpress
    so is your blog using premium wordpress? which best do you think to make e-commerce website? using wordpress or blogger? thanks

  10. Hi Alex,
    I cannot find the version of the plugin described in the video.
    Can it be that had bin changed?

  11. When I go to my dashboard plugins for some reason I do not have the option to "add new" and therefore cannot install, what do I do?

  12. Hey Alex. if we follow these steps, in how many days the website page can be displayed on the first page of google?

  13. hello! thanks for your information. is there any danger that google considering the post/page as spam when we stuff the keyword for too many times? please tell me.

  14. Hi there, I'm trying to use keyword planner with google as you suggested but every time I try it asks me to set up a paid advertisement with google. Is keyword planner no longer free through google or am I doing something wrong. If it is still free could you point me in the right direction. Thanks

  15. Hi alex, thanks for the helpful video. The problem that I have is that I do not host my wordpress website and this being the case I am not able to add plugins. Can I manually prepare the SEO's without adding the plugin? Would welcome your input. Cheers Fraser (Ap-Managers.

  16. This was a great SEO WordPress tutorial showing wordpress optimization, keyword research and blog page submissions.
    Patricia Lynn

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Google SEO Guideline updates

Google SEO Guideline updates

Website on first page google free Basic SEO guidelines Google Search engine ranking factors

Website on first page google free Basic SEO guidelines Google Search engine ranking factors