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How to Optimize Your Amazon Listing – Step-by-Step Amazon SEO Tutorial

How to Optimize Your Amazon Listing - Step-by-Step Amazon SEO Tutorial

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Amazon listing optimization in 2018 is an ART (persuasive sales copy) and a SCIENCE (keyword research). Optimize properly and you’ll rank higher and get more traffic and conversions. This tutorial is perfect for marketers, entrepreneurs, startups, and anyone running an Amazon FBA business.

We cover the 10 things that make a winning listing:


Resources mentioned in the video:

Optimize Listings for Search & Browse (Amazon) //

Google Keyword Planner Tool: //

Prohibited Seller Activities and Actions (Amazon) //

How Do I Write a Great Title? (Amazon)

Categories and Products Requiring Approval: //

Product Photo Requirements (Amazon)

Start optimizing now: //



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  1. Thanks Patrick. I watched this video last night and this morning and did a lot, if not most of the recommendations on my and .com listing and the earlier result is very good. We just recently launched our new product on Amazon and our listing was low to put it mild. The rank on was around 165,000 after the changes it went up to around 60,000 in just hours! Thank you and I do expect we'll be talking soon.

  2. Great video! Does all of this still apply in 2018? Or has anything in the video changed since it was published?

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  4. Amazing video bro ! I love your awkward jokes despite your video being very useful and informative !! Subscribed

  5. Thanks Brtha, Was just asked by Someone to basically run & sell his products on Amazon & Ebay (& i think i will also add Shopify) to that list so i am just trying to feed the mind with as much knowledge as possible. Just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to eat this appetizer. haha. (1st Video I chose on my journey). Wish you continued success in All Aspects of life brtha. All the best to You n Yours.

  6. Very useful, Similarly I list my product very easily through, Once your item is sold, they will release the payment to you. I tried it's very simple & easy.

  7. I don't normally comment… but I did exactly what you said regarding key words and my product when from 911,000 ranking to 67,000 in about 2 weeks!!! I can not believe it!! THANK YOU…. SO MUCH!! I am hooked!

  8. Just found your channel ily I cant wait to follow your advice and make mad coin. I do Shopify as well so I can’t wait to take on Amazon.

  9. why such a stupid cover picture, are you one of those music mixes? lol come on some chick looking horny? the fuck buddy

  10. I can definitively say reviews are a factor in ranking. I've worked on thousands of products for almost 10 years on Amazon. If you have exactly the same product but one has one more review, it will rank better.. I've seen products rank poorly with thousands of unverified reviews and reviews from vine. Those reviews don't count as much as a verified purchase which also will bump up the salesrank. If you see a product ranking well with just a handful of reviews and its in a very competitive niche, they're ranking there because they are getting lots of sales… not necessarily converting well (highly converting product pages alone wont rank well). Those products are getting sales from PPC, giveaways, daily deals sites, social media, whatever. Amazon's algo is very much perpetual so competitive niches require spending lots of time marketing up-front to get sales up and then they pay off when it ranks well… they don't need to market as hard once they crack the top 3 products. I've had a cell phone case client that would lose $1500/day giving products away at a loss, spending money on ppc, etc just to get his salesrank up and get reviews coming in.

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  12. Amazon informs that the EBC feature is only available to officially registered brands (USPTO), the problem being it takes 6 months for a positive registration. Any other way to do pretty descriptions?

  13. Patrick you did a wonderful clip. I like to thank you mucho. Best to listen to because you sound like my teacher in grade school … and no crack head music in the behind (a s s ). The other part I like to point out in the end you add your intro. plus service was quite smooth. You get 5 stars Pat …god bless.

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