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How to add Header Code Meta Tag in wix

How to add Header Code Meta Tag in wix

To add header codes: Access your Site Manager from inside the Editor. Click the SEO tab. Scroll down to More SEO Settings. Paste the header codes in the text box under Header Code – Meta Tags.



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  1. hi i am just using a free version of wix without registering any website under my name. Am i still able to add this meta tag to my free wixsite?

  2. for those of you like me who didnt understand..

    go to //
    Click search console
    click Add a property
    Type in website name
    click the alternate methods tab
    click HTML tag
    copy the code

    go to wix
    click on manage and edit site
    click on SEO
    under more SEO settings – Ready to add header codes to your site?
    Click here to do this in the Editor.
    In editor paste the code under Add Header Code Meta Tags

  3. I copy and paste the code to wix as you showed. Went to google search console to verify. NOT FOUND ? Could you please help?

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