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Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners

Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners


Does your business know how to take full advantage of Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics Tutorial

An in-depth Google Analytics Tutorial – In this video we explain everything you need to know to navigate and understand your Google Analytics account better to get insights on what’s happening on your site.
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Video Timeline:

Google Analytics Introduction – 00:00 – 00:28

Audience Overview – 00:29 – 06:58
( visits, unique visitors, page views, pages/visit, avg, visit duration, bounce rate, new visits, exit rate, unique page views)

Customization Tab (Custom Reports) – 07:10 – 09:56
How to Create a Custom Report – 07:30 – 09:56

Admin Area – 09:57 – 17:18

Goals & Filters – 10:25 – 10:49

Personal Tools & Assets – 10:50 – 17:18

Segments – 10:50 – 11:00

Annotations – 11:00 – 12:34

How to Create an Annotation – 11:10 – 12:34

Attribution Models – 12:35 – 14:14

Custom Channel Groupings – 14:14 – 14:27

Custom Alerts – 14:27 – 15:15

How to Create a Custom Alert – 14:42 – 15:15

Scheduled Emails – 15:15 – 15:39

How to Schedule Emails – 15:25 – 15:39

Shortcuts – 15:39 – 17:07

How to Create Shortcuts – 15:50 – 17:07

Share Assets – 17:07 – 17:18

Side Bar (My Stuff) 17:20 – 18:48
(Dashboards, Shortcuts, Intelligence Events)

Standard Reports – 18:48 – 36:36

Real Time – 18:48 – 20:25

Audience – 20:25 – 23;52
(Demographics, Interests, Geo, Behaviour, Technology, Mobile, Custom, Visitors Flow)

Acquisition – 23:52 – 32:02
(Channels, Traffic, Referrals, Campaigns, Keywords, Cost Analysis, AdWords, Social, Search Engine Optimization)

Behaviour – 32:02 – 35:20
(Behaviour Flow, Site Content, Site Speed, Site Search, Events, AdSense, Experiments, In-Page Analytics)

Conversions – 35:20 – 36:36

We hope you all found this Google Analytics explanation tutorial helpful! Comment down below if you have any queries!

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  1. it felt like a contest on how many words you could spell in 36 minutes period of time, but I appreciate the effort

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  3. I loved this tutorial! Sometimes the voice volume was a little bit higher but overall it helped me very very much, I'm really happy now that I know a lot more about Google Analytics ^^ thank you!

  4. Adding Google Analytics to your website is very important. Not only does it allow you to track the statistics but it also tells Google more about your site. Since they are actively tracking it, their bots will be better able to find your content and index your pages.

    Of course, it is also important for you to verify ownership of your site and submit your pages through the developer's console. Doing all of these things together will really help boost your SEO.

  5. Hi,

    Your video was actually helpful.

    Would like to ask what does one mean by the word 'impressions'…??

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  7. Very useful video, thanks!!
    Question: I added my web onto online portfolios like Behance and Coroflot. Where can I see info on visits related to that?

  8. This tutorial was REALLY helpful & insightful. Loved how you broke each one down & briefly explained it. VERY helpful for sure.

  9. thank you so much very helpful. Do you have a specific video related to google analytics and PPC?

  10. Hi, Since you made this video in 2014, I just want to know is all the information relevent in 2017 or have there been any changes with google?

  11. Thank you so much for this, very useful and very well explained. Also, you have a nice voice wich made it even better.

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