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eBay Search Engine (SEO) Tip – How to Increase Sales with this Keyword

eBay Search Engine (SEO) Tip - How to Increase Sales with this Keyword

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Always put color in the title! eBay’s title suggestion often says to use the word “multicolor?” But really, who searches for that? People search for the color they want.

eBay used to provide reports showing what keywords buyers searched for to find our listings, and color was a highly searched keyword. Watch the video to see which 2 colors are searched the most!

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  1. If a shirt is blue, red and black….is it ok to write all those colors in the title? If a person only searched one of those colors, wouldn't your listing still pop up? Or should u just use the predominant color and only choose one color in your title? Thanks for all your videos.

  2. I remember having to load photos by dial-up, lol. It would take hours to list 3 items. Thank you, very informative. We only jot multi color, because of laziness.

  3. Sometimes in the "Item specifics" I will use the term "multi-colored" But I try to get the "real" colors into the title as well as the description. I almost always recheck my title description because it is always possible to leave something out. I try to figure out what are the important description is for the item I am selling. Sometimes looking at the same item someone else is selling helps me to figure out words that are helpful–not to copy but to find good words or better words to describe my item.

  4. I have never used "Multicolor" on eBay, and whenever I list something with more than one color, I'll use the predominant color. Then people can see what the other color is when the image pops up.

  5. Are you saying in the drop down choice ebay provides not to use or choose "multi color?" I try to list the most dominant colors in my titles and put etc. after them due to fear of having someone want to do a," not as described" return just because I didn't and couldn't put all the colors in the title. But when I do the color choice from the drop down and it has several colors more than," say 3." I pick "multi color."

  6. Great tip! You provided me this tip in a store evaluation you did for me and it did help my sales, so thank you, thank you, thank you! If you haven't had Suzanne evaluate your store it's more than worth the money! Highly recommend!

  7. Thanks for the great tip Suzanne! You've helped me out tremendously when I started out and I appreciate your You Tube videos. I hope you are doing well and things are looking brighter for you.

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