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Do you think that “Search Engine Optimization” should be renamed?

Do you think that "Search Engine Optimization" should be renamed?

Hi Matt, do you think that search engine optimization is descriptive in the way it is used today? Do you think we need to call it something else?
Mads, Copenhagen

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  1. El posicionamiento de un sitio web depende mucho de la optimizacion que se le de antes de emprender con una campaña de backlinks.
    Excelente video, aclara muchas dudas.

  2. Well, even if the name was changed a thousand times, there'll always be someone who'll make the new name look bad. So why even bother. Instead of changing the name, maybe changing the people's perception towards SEO is a lot better.

  3. Why would anyone rename the term Search Engine Optimization? I think Matt Cutts fairly well summed it up that there are always a few bad apples who will tarnish an occupation's or industry's image. The entire process from web design and development to advertising campaigns includes optimization techniques not only to make the sites more indexable by the search engines, but also to provide for the best user experience possible. This is an admirable endeavor.

  4. Fellow white hats, today is the day! The day when we rise up and report the black hats, and banish them from our kingdom.

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  10. I'm proud to put my Social links and Google Plus Profile Author Link on my site for this very reason. Viewers should know who the author of a site is and what they intend as an experience.. I'm glad there are people at Google like Matt. This was more of an answer to Matt's beliefs in the internet experience by it's users than a reason to change the term SEO. Thanks Matt, James from Arkansas

  11. Hi Matt when I think of SEO, I think more on the broader side because to me it means all things to do with optimising your Website in so many ways.

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  13. I agree that Search Experience Optimisation is the way to go.
    It's a good thing this is the basis of Google's business model.

  14. Hi Matt, when can I know my website is penalized? I see lot of websites are penalized without webmaster tool notification. Is that malware in webmaster tool only source?

  15. I've found if you just follow the Google guidelines – and proved valuable content for your visitors – google treats your site pretty fairly. That being said, I think search engine optimization is still value because of the basics for onpage optimization and things like that. It is both art and science.

  16. Actually Matt would like to see SEO disappear altogether. The last thing they want is relevant search engine results (why would any one need to advertise with Google is Google gave you what you looked for?)

  17. I tend to associate this name with groups of people always trying to sell their knowledge. I would welcome a different name like "better experience surfing"

  18. Oh, but it is relevant. First of all, it's an industry, like SEO, that at best has a negative reputation. Second, it's a hypercompetitive niche full of vested-interest marketer wannabes who complain when things don't go their way. Third, you're probably only complaining because you don't "rank" for whatever XXX terms you're going for.

    Insulting the mentally handicapped isn't cool, either. I always make time for handicapped people, since they usually have more to offer than porn webmasters.

  19. Um… maybe it could be called User Experience Optimization? Website Optimization? If the core algorithms look at how much the site adds value to the user experience, why should it be called search engine optimization? We're not optimizing for engines, but for users.

  20. It should be called Website Optimization. Search Engine Optimization makes it sounds like we are doing something to please search engines, not people.

  21. Black Hat seo is always Good … Use and throw … But no stable income .. but you can hack google algo every time .. you are the winner …
    I am a winner .. but emd affected me by 50%…
    But I will come back …
    Ha ha ha eeeeeeeee

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  23. EMD = Low Quality
    Less Words on a single article = Low Quality
    Repeated anchor text = Low quality
    Small good content from a Low Quality blog .. and elabrated by an authority website =Quality content #1
    Final results
    There is Now Other way to start a new online business without spending money to adwords

    Google Wins …

  24. Google treate us like robot … so what we need to return ?
    1) Spend money on adwords
    2) Spend money on other resources such as tv ads news paper e.t.c
    3) Last option is … consider google as a sexy girl .. and love her tooooo much… she will treate u same … but algo updates is pblm .. she may left you … by saying "low quality"
    So once she start loveing you ..make many kids .. more than you can ……

  25. Definite because misinterpret it a lot…people are generally whether it is marketing or technology.What i feel is 10% technology and 90% is how creative you are in drawing customers to your website and engaging them.In drawing online customers to the site is the main objective and how well you are able to bring buyers to the website depend on the keyword strategy .This strategy is effective if you understand the client's business as an agency better

  26. So says the guy whose profile links to amateur X-rated material. Taking advice from you would be like listening to a back-alley Ron Jeremy.

  27. Matt , you and the whole team should be replaced . You guys keep staying there for to long and your ideas and concepts about internet are totally wrong and who scripts this algo's it's a monkey for sure ! This department need new faces with new fresh ideas that could help people and the economy with it . The only thing i see is more monopoly from big websites .

    So Matt when are you going to leave Google and take your team with you ? You don't feel that you are like a broken wheel ?

  28. I think it's a shame that when I made my website better and more accessible it received penalty from Google algorithms. This is a real shame, users love my website and it is smooth and fast (javascript/ajax of course), but business is going down, because Google has it's own imagination about website being "good" or "bad". Matt never answered my question, which I believed was very important and even vital for many business owners after latest algorithm updates.

  29. Google didn't take the concept, distort it to a ridiculous degree, and then sell everyone snake oil. SEOs did that, and are still doing that.

    Google's only mistake is in naively assuming that people wouldn't manipulate the concept.

  30. The inbound links are certainly part of the equation as covered in another video. I'm sorry I'm not sure which one. There's actually a literal ton of variables that goes into the magic. Google made a fantastic ever evolving system, bad dudes will always try to scam. What ever limited success they might achieve Google is quick to shut them down. SEO's should really get into the business of being web developers. Make a great site and they will come.

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