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Disavow links

Disavow links

Matt Cutts explains the “Disavow links” feature of Google Webmaster Tools.

Learn more about how to use the disavow links feature on our blog and in our Help Center:

Access the feature here:

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  1. Sir Nice vedio am Canfuse My Website am Tottly step by step clear all process in search cansole add. But my sitemap pending status pending show

    Configured wrong My Website Seo Show Me…

    Search engines see your // and// (or // as different pages.
    With a variety of URLs, it's more challenging to get consolidated metrics for a specific piece of content.

    How to fix ?

  2. This tool causes massive confusion in the SEO community. A lot of "experts" are basically using it to remove spam links from bad neighborhoods, but clearly that is not the intended purpose. Also, removing spam links manually in this fashion could quickly get very tedious. Google has stated multiple times, that they are able to identify most spam links, so you do normally not have to do anything.

  3. In 2012, I believe this was slow… If we weren't calling these links integers, and joining url's to url's. I can see lots of URLs being hard to handle in 2012 tech days. Hey Google, I'm curious – with in-memory computing at this currdate(). How different is your system with current computing advances?

    It would be really interesting to hear you go into a rabbit hole on more of the technology in 2017. Everyone has sort of a bad culture about what's available it seems.

    I appreciate your feedback and time. I'm sure everyone is more focused on Google Data Studio and what not 🙂

  4. HI, Need Help! Google Console > Index Status decrease the number of Page index on google and the number of Block resources gone High.. May i have to use this Tool or From where i can get the best help regarding this issue.

  5. I think having all back links disavowed by default, and then having the option to avow them would be more effective.

  6. All of this disavow tool bs is exactly that. BS.
    Google acts like they think that the majority of those people with bad links and are complaining about it, are people who have put themselves in that position, and they act like negative SEO isn't a big thing.
    Come on Matt, nobody likes to admit when they are wrong but it is very commonplace these days for people to spam crappy links at their competitors, and all that Google gives us to deal with it is this??

    Everybody on here that mentioned that instead of a dis-avow tool, an avow tool would be much better, is right. Win-win situation right?

  7. I really wish google would just roll back penguin and panda! This has caused more damage than good. If you provide a disavow tool, why not allow an un-disavow tool for us mom and pops, as you call it, who make errors in fixing YOUR idea of a link problem. Amazon, Ebay, Wiki can do no wrong and are at the top of many niches although they are nothing more than a paid link farm. I just don't get it!

  8. Why google doesn't do a better algorithm? Instead of disavowing links, building an "accepting link tool" would be much better, so the spammers and competitors can not harm other people's websites. And also, only penalize the websites which have spammy links,

  9. I'm hit by penguin rolling now. I've never created any backlinks myself.

    There are a couple of spam website that link to my content. They steal every sites titles and post the link back to the original source along with copying and pasting the first paragraph of content.

    It would have been nice for YOU to not penalize that as it's obviously kids not knowing any better and I suffer for it. However, you didn't and now I'm screwed.

  10. this is maybe a stupid question, but i just curious. What if other competitors check my backlinks, then disavow my high quality links?? its possible?? for example: i have a high quality backlinks from edu link, then some of my competitor checking source of my backlinks and found it then disavow that links.

  11. disavow tool not help for me. but i remove lot of toxic links. and we have to wait the next penguin refresh . complicated.

  12. To me it looks like this diavow thing is a big scam of Google to get people to give them loads of free information about potential spam sites. It doesnt seem to help anything for the users who need it to work to give them back their precious serp rankings.

    For now it seems only to work if one received a manual penalty. During the last months i used it for different sites of customers who where penalized (nt manual) by bad-seo in the past. We did everything Matt Cutts / Google tell to do; clean up bad links, use the disavow tool, create a website with new, relevant content on a regular basis etc Diffirent tools I use rate those sites now as having a "good looking link profile", but i see not a minimum of effect on the important rankings, where the businesses of my customers are depending on.

    Offcourse there is no way to communicate with Google, in there ivory tower, about this problems and complete businesses loose a lot of money by this situation. Businesses who pay a lot of money to Google with different Google advertising options.

    Paul – The Netherlands

  13. I had some issues with bad back links in may 2012. I followed all the advice of google and over the next year and a half saw my traffic go up. Then on oct 5 the new algo update eliminated nearly all my existing traffic. I've been working to find answers for months on the webmaster forum. Not one of those geniuses suggested I tried this. Their advice was to just build an entirely new site. I never received an unnatural backlink notice either. I used some tools and they showed I had "clean" back links. I finally stumbled upon this and used it. I know Matt says it's not to use this unless you're a really spammy site or have employed lots of back link schemes. For 12 years I hadn't employed any SEO until I hired a "consultant. I hadn't since the hit in 2012. Not sure why this happened but it appears that 2.1 was the culprit. So fingers crossed. Next step. Start over.

  14. I have 1,621,228 incomming links from various websites, because I had created a plugin back in 2011, which contains a backlink to my website, because of that my site ranking and visitors dropped to 45%. I am not sure how to recover from this panda impact, can't ask all those webmasters to remove my link. I tried updating the program with nofollow link, but they do not update their plugins, not sure If I should disavow all those domains… Instead of releasing such tools, why not program algorithm to just ignore low quality links so that the original content gets more exposure than duplicate shared contents.

  15. Matt, who is this 'random person' looking at my backlinks? This person could only be G or an SEO. Why should I care what this random person or competitor think about my backlinks?
    Do your managers not allow you to talk straight with us by sharing the REAL reason G is applying penalties/filters rather than simply ignoring the links you don't approve of as you did before?

  16. Hi Matt,

    i need some help concerning disavow links. Due to editorial reasons, we linked to another website. Now the problem is, that the website operator is disturbing me and telling me to delete this link.
    However, due to staffing reasons it is not possible for us to edit or remove links all the time and this is why I declined his request.
    Now the website operator wants to use the Disavow tool for this link and claims that this would have consequences for our website, more specifcally for our ranking. Now im asking myself if this is true.

    I would be thankful, if you could help me out with my little problem here.
    Thank you very much and greetings from Germany.

    Sincerely yours

  17. My company site was spam bombed with over 32,000 Cialis backlinks, completely knocking me off Google. Of course, I can't ask the spammer to remove the links, so I assume the disavow is a good option for me, correct? Is there any other way? Also, what happens when Google sees that many disavow listings?

  18. aboveallhouseplansDOTcom how do I know if I'm penalized? and what for? My traffic per day is 1/8th of what is was Mar 2012

  19. Just finished watching the video …

    Matt or anyone else. If I suspect a competitor bought some very cheap links to my website that affected it negatively, should I use this tool or not?


  20. I am the owner of a young domain and was doing pretty good with NO SEO at all but suddenly I found raking going very bad. I hired an SEO guy that told me I had bought backlinks but I DID not!

    Hopefully this tool helps me clear this mess.

    Thanks Google.

  21. I think the incoming links are from 'link farms' Should I disavow or keep these? And one is from major domain registrar that I have no contact or business with – disavow that one too?

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