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Advertorials and Native Advertising

Advertorials and Native Advertising

Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google, talks about advertorials and native advertising.

A reminder about selling links that pass PageRank:

Google’s guidelines on link schemes, including text advertisements that pass PageRank:

Google News blog post:

Google News quality guidelines:

Google web search quality guidelines:

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  1. I feel like this is a good move by Google. People deserve to know whether they are viewing a real article or native advertising.

  2. The biggest web blogs in the world pass link juice in paid posts so this is bullshit.

    See: Mashable & tech Crunch

  3. Dear Google,noone cares about ranking in your search engine anymore there are dozens of targeted traffic strategies out there that your input only matters to your adulators,you sold out the people and they now know who the worlds biggest Blackhatters are.

  4. I'm aggravated. My nephew resides in the next room and he just grew really good with the women. He went to the Master Attraction site (Google it) by Jake Ayres. All he's doing now is fucking women. He's continually pulling ladies back and I can't help but hear it, which is nasty and I wish he never discovered that site. My buddy just signed up and got a blowjob a week later.

  5. Relevancy. Or websites should be created that are seen as authority publishing websites and any content on them should be viewed as editorial.

  6. How should small publishers earn money with their websites according to Google? The Google adwords earnings have shrunk over the years…

  7. Hmm so the editorial staff and journos all work for nothing do they? Aren't they getting paid to write, whatever they write!! Get with the real world.

  8. You don't even pay tax in the UK you Jokers.

    You need to keep your own house in order before you start spouting your rhetoric on Private Websites which you have no stake in.

  9. The whole idea of judging popularity of a site by links is flawed in the first place. The links are placed by other websites, often competitors. How many visitors don't have websites and therefore can't create links. The Google algorhythm doesn't take them into account.

  10. One question: who died and made Google the boss of the internet? Nobody creates a website without the intention of making a profit and there is no reason Google should have a monopoly on making money on the web.

  11. Everything is clear as a sunny day. There only vendors and reviewers' sites will live. Vendor produces a product and pay to the Google AdWords for traffic. Reviewers make reviews and make money from ads at their sites and from Google AdSense. Affiliate market will die. Google is the only affiliate on the Internet, and all affiliates' money go to Google. Google decide what to advert and what would be the price.

    It is right if only Google don't take money for advertisement.

    Don't be evil.

  12. If money is changing hands, google god must be the receiving side. If you don't obey the rules, god may punish you.

  13. Question for Matt: how would Google treat editorial content that's made by brands? Example, a heartburn medicine has a doctor speak to the different kinds of heartburn. The content passes legal and medical review. The brand puts those videos up on their website and optimizes. The brand hires a PR firm to extend reach. The PR firm does not pay the publishers. The publishers take the video as editorial because it's the best information on the subject of heartburn. Is that paid, or editorial?

  14. So if i constantly get guest authors to post their content on my sites in exchange to linking to them back? I don't take money for that. I need only original content. So how should i disclose that?

  15. Wow, Clint. You sound like you've got a pretty good business plan there. Go hire those 1000 computer programmers, have them write the algorithm, and put Google out of business! I can't wait to see your name in the headlines.

  16. Google is becoming the Soup Nazi of search engines. The guy in the videos is a paid puppet who lies.

    Google is a tech company and knows full well which links are quality links and which links are not. If they cannot use technology to filter link value then why are their shares worth so much money. I can find a 1,000 computer programmers whom can write the algorithm to do so.

    Google is the largest propaganda based organization the world has ever seen!!

    Screw em.

  17. Actually, it is good video. Also, what Spoke SEO says is probably true but those 99% content is made by SEO companies as that is part of their packages…

  18. Honestly, this is just one of those situations where white hat guys like me totally feel like Google is barking here. This is everywhere, in thousands of little sites… how can Google possibly tell that something is paid for? I think they can nail big newspapers, but there is nothing that can do about the stuff ´we´ have to deal with. I write about nutrition, and I see this everywhere in regards to vitamins… everything is ´advertorials´.. with do-follow links.

  19. Matt Cutts continues his FUD campaign. DAE feel like Google is so frustrated with their own algorithm that they want people to THINK they can tell all of these things?

  20. I'm really starting to get annoyed with Google. The constant attempt to come across as some sort of judge and jury about what a site can and cannot show. It is monopolistic at its highest. If I want to write an editorial and get paid for it deal with it Google.
    The real reason is it is hitting you're advert take and you want to cream off every available opportunity. Including avoiding tax in the UK. Tut, tut.

    Your day is coming.

  21. That's great, and sure maybe that's the way it "Should" work, but we are talking about human nature here. If everyone followed the rules, then I'd want to do the same, but not everyone will, and so it's not a level playing field, so this system doesn't work. And there's no real logical way for Google to determine that an article is a paid endorsement, so this will never change.

  22. Major magazines and media outlets have always said that advertising and editorial are treated like church and state. Anyone ever worked in or with people at those companies? Do you _really_ find that to be the case? Start with your local Gazette (that is probably owned by a much larger media company). See any correlation between those that advertise and the people used as references in editorial content?

  23. Matt: Couldn't you make an argument for any page with Google AdSense on it is 'paid' content? Specifically because most of it was written only for that reason?
    So, do these pages still pass page rank?

  24. You are not talking about guest blogging, I am sorry. I'll give you a simple example since you are obviously missing my point while getting personal for some reason. So I am a contributor for Small Biz Trends: smallbiztrends. com/author/ann-smarty – I link to my sites in my bio because I own them… Small Biz Trends publishes my content for free. So what to disclose here?

  25. meh…HuffPost charges 80K for a sponsored story. They're not disclosing it. I'd like to see google crack down on that.

    While we're at it, politicians get paid by lobbyists and superpacks, and they're not disclosing it. Actors are getting paid by brands and they're not disclosing it.

    The whole "sponsored post" model is kinda shitty if you ask me. "Fixing" it seams like a reasonable thing to do but I think the model itself is a failure and there are better ways for bloggers to make money.

  26. The publisher gets content for their blog/site in exchange for the links allowed in that content or in that guest blogger's profile. You're really not that nieve are you? Why do you think they started cracking down on content farming, duplicate content, etc……wait, shouldn't have to explain this to an SEO 'smarty'

  27. I didn't suggest that the government was the only option. I suggested two options and implied that others should be considered. But please explain to me why a for profit firm should govern what nonemployees do with their own web content or any intellectual property.

    Only the government has the authority to oversee, trademark, and secure intellectual property. No one firm should have the ability to define what is or is not appropriate.

  28. I really love that info! My question is should the text "Paid Link" be left as a text or we should embed it within the article image. Can somebody answer please?

  29. Google just likes to make examples of a few high profile websites and newspapers now and then. 99% of sites taking payment for posts fly right under Google's radar.

  30. So this 'Cutts' guy can read minds? He "magically" knows what a 'regular person' will think and feel upon realizing they just read some paid content? From whence does this amazing ability flow Matt? How can you read our minds at a distance like that, and even more amazing, you can read user's minds in the future no less! You are clearly wasting your time a Google when you could have an awesome position in a carnival sideshow – guessing ages and weights and such. Seriously!

  31. Governmental? Are you serious? Can you imagine government be the judge of the internet? No thank you sir.

  32. That's right Kloonike. Why is it ok for big corps to decide all of us consumers are stupid with no education at all. That is what such implications mean. When someone looks at my site I feel they are educated enough to read it and make their own decisions about whatever they want on it. I also tell them it is part of making a living to pay all the politics in life too. What I write is really my opinion whether it is an affiliate link or not. That integrity matters too.

  33. No Matt. Someone did not give me money to post their link. I don't get paid 1st. But later only a few cents after x amount is earned just like Adsense which means a high volume matters which could take several months to acquire. Life is only 30 days long! So if CNN has a news article with an affiliate link in them you will not post it? Google knows NOTHING is paid content up front. You are ruining it for individuals by implying an ad is paid 1st before it is posted on a site.

  34. Hi Lan Thomas, congratulations on all 800 pages on the first page of Yahoo. Can you please send me your domain as I would like to see what you are talking about in regards to the difference of Yahoo vs Google.

  35. … Forbes Media and the Washington Post. Take for instance Forbes Media, whose partners is a Venture Capital firm. Forbes writers now write articles and place links in those articles selling products to companies owned by the VC firm and also attacking competitors to the VC firm, that is wrong.

  36. Native Advertising is the politically correct term for Advertorial. Places like Forbes, Atlantic Media and Washington Post have created a paid blogosphere but still trade on the public perception that they a news media.

    Internet scams can operate at will. For instance, a 'contributor' at Forbes is in charge of writing for start-ups, he then interviews a known internet con-man who sells a get rich quick platform of which the contributor is paid a commission. Reader believe it is a real article.

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